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Department Management

Lavaux , creats new service concept attentively

  • Trademark department of Lavaux, striving for achieve Industry optimum selection!

    Trademark is the product of modern economy. Modern logo bears the intangible assets of enterprises and is the medium of comprehensive information transmission of enterprises.As the most important part of enterprise CIS strategy, logo is the most widely used, the most frequent and the most critical element in the process of corporate image transmission.

    The strong overall strength of enterprises, perfect management mechanism, high-quality products and services are all included in the logo. Lavaux Trademark Department upholds the service aim of satisfying customers and reassuring customers!

  • Patent department of Lavaux,choosing us because we are professional enough

    After applying for a patent and obtaining the patent right,you can enjoy the following benefits:

    1)The patent has great commercial value and is an important means to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

    2)Patents are the embodiment of enterprises' innovation ability and core competitiveness, and the symbol of enterprises' status and status in the industry.

    3)To obtain long-term benefits through the application of patent system.

  • Network Department of Lavaux, use cutting-edge technology to win the first chance for you!

    An enterprise website not only show the image of the enterprise but also establish business contacts with potential customers.

    Lavaux Network Department has a professional technical team with rich success case and many years of industry development experience.We will develop one “easy to use,durable,practical” procedures tailored to your needs with in-depth analysis of enterprise needs, combined with current popular technology, to promote products and tap potential customers for the enterprise so that deal with more internet orders and insert the wings of Take-off for Enterprises

  • Lavaux Design Department,advanced design concept makes your idea to be more brilliant!

    Design can optimize life through an innovative way, showing more youth and vitality of enterprises. The designer's opinions and observations are particularly important. The success of design depends entirely on the correctness of design concepts, and the correctness of design concepts depends on the designer's decision-making.

    Design Department has a group of imaginative "designers" who pay attention to the details of product design and are good at designing products with low cost and unique functions. We can help you realize your ideas!

  • Lavaux copyright department,It’s a inevitable choice if you want to make your IP hot.

    Knowledge economy is the materialized form of human spiritual production activities, and the source of knowledge economy is human intellectual creation activities. Copyright management can provide a good legal, administrative and economic environment for people's intellectual creation activities. Copyright protection is very important, not only for individuals, but also for the development of the country and industry.

    Lavaux Copyright Department will help you lock up copyright, make considerable economic benefits, and keep away from the "Kong Yiji" in life!

  • Lavaux Legal Department,defend legal rights and interests with legal hammer!

    It is particularly important to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of trademarks by means of law. Trademark review, trademark renewal, trademark withdrawal, trademark opposition and trademark correction... it’s the only way for a flourishing enterprise to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests by means of law in the course of its development.

    Lavaux Trademark Department uses the powerful weapon of Trademark Law to provide strong protection for your enterprise's rights and interests.

  • Lavaux International Department, We will accompany you wherever you go!

    Lavaux International Department ,closely around the overall goal of international development to broaden our international horizons constantly, intensify cooperation with international enterprises, expand cooperation objects, fields and modes, and improve the quality of international exchanges and cooperation. International trademarks, international patents, international company registration, international trade and other fields are in line with international standards.

    The Lavaux International Department carries out the ultimate idea of "serving enterprises", providing a convenient and efficient way for the common development of domestic and foreign enterprises.

  • Lavaux Qualifications Department ,make your business more trustworthy!

    Qualifications are very important for enterprises. Qualifications are the precondition for enterprises to undertake business, the admission tickets for enterprises to participate in, and the admission permits for enterprises enter into market.In addition,the enterprise will enjoy the inclination of government policy, enhance the company's soft power, expand market share, and effectively enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

    The Lavaux Qualification Department has many years of industry experience, and based in Beijing, radiate the whole country, insight into the processing process, so that let you run less in the wrong way, spend less in the wrong way, and benefit early, enough rest assured!

  • Lavaux Industry and Commerce Department, provide more efficient service for you!

    For the entrepreneurs who first set up a company, if you to entrust an industrial and commercial agent to register, you can save a lot of time. It is very necessary and important to choose a professional registered Agency . We will recommend a good registration address according to the company type of the customer, know which link can save money, help enterprises save registration costs and reduce investment costs.

    The Lavaux Industry and Commerce Department is mainly responsible for company registration, company change, company transfer, company cancellation and business affairs consultation and agency services related to the administration of industry and commerce, special license and qualification handling.

About Lavaux

Know Lavaux,Choose Lavaux

About us

Beijing Lavaux Group was established in Chaoyang district, Beijing, and has developed 5 branches until now . There are nine departments in Lavaux Group, Trademark Dept., Patent Dept., Copyright Dept., Legal Dept., International Dept., Industry and commerce Dept., Qualification Dept., Design Dept., and Network Dept. The nine departments have provided professional and efficient enterprise services to over 140,000 large and medium-sized enterprises, scientific research institutes, transnational corporations, national defense forces and institutions of higher learning, ect.

Based on the service concept of "Integrity, profession, service and respect", Beijing Lavaux Group adheres to the two strategies of "Lifelong service" and "Enterprise service eco-chain", constantly improving the depth and breadth of service for enterprises, and saving more time and costs to customers.

Enterprise service eco-chain strategy: Beijing Lavaux Group, creating a one-stop enterprise service era, from the enterprise's business registration, taxation consultation, to the enterprise's "Internet +" economic mode, including enterprise's intellectual property protection, qualification authentication agent, and enterprise's international strategy. Choose the one-stop service of Beijing lavaux Group to get more comprehensive and prefect solution .

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